Serial Communications Solutions

Complete industrial and commercial solutions to
keep your legacy serial equipment communicating

For many years, people have been predicting the demise of serial communications. But, as you know, there are millions of nodes still performing in the field. To keep this perfectly good equipment up and operating, B&B Electronics has developed the most extensive line of serial conversion and isolation products on the market today. Serial products from B&B Electronics are built tough to keep your equipment up and your data flowing. Optical isolation is built in to most of our products. This method of isolation is far superior to galvanic isolation, since there is no physical connection across the isolation zone. Visit Automatic Send Data Control circuitry simplifies applications. No need for special programming to make your devices talk.

Serial Converters, Isolators and Repeaters

Serial Fiber Optics

Speciality Converters

Serial Splitters

Serial Data Switches

Serial PCI Cards & Data Acquisition

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