Cable and Connectors

Keep your legacy serial equipment communicating

Complete Industrial and Commercial Solutions

From a simple USB connection to the complexity of IEC IP67 rated Ethernet cable and connectors, you can be confident when plugging in your system with cabling from B&B Electronics. Large selection and inventory with competitive pricing, means you get the products you need at market best pricing.

Heavy-Duty Cables and Connectors

IP67 Ethernet Cables

Carry data safely through industrial settings or outdoor weather with IP67 rated cables. Seal-tight over-molding, secure connectors, lock-down threading and EMI shielding protect against dirt, water, oil, chemicals, vibration and electrical noise

Industrial RJ-45 Category 5e Connector Kits

Make your own Ethernet harsh-duty cables for on-site applications with field installable connector kits

Pass-through Receptacle

Get in and out of industrial cabinets with shielded receptacles that keep critical connections intact

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Category 5e & 6 Cabling, RJ Jack Adapters & Couplers

Category 5e & 6 Ethernet RJ-45 Cabling

Durable, flexible Ethernet cabling is perfect for industrial 10/100Base-TX networks. Straight through, shielded, and cross connect versions available

Inline Couplers

Link patch cables together or extend existing modular cable runs with RJ-45 in-line couplers

RS-232 to RJ11/12/45 Modular Jack Adapters

Convert RS-232 interfaces, DB9 or DB25, to RJ interfaces (RJ 11, 12 or 45) with easy field wiring kits

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Serial & USB Cables

Serial and Parallel Cabling

Make easy connections between your equipment with reliable, quality cabling in popular configurations and lengths

USB Cabling

Connect your PC or device to any USB peripheral with Type A Male to Type B Male, fully-rated USB 2.0 USB peripheral cables

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Fiber Optics - Cables, Couplers & Adapters, Testers

Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Get the best price-to-performance ratio with duplex, multi- and single-mode ST, SC and LC fiber optic cables, couplers and adapters. Custom lengths available

Duplex Fiber Optic Couplers and Adapters

Connect two duplex fiber assemblies together. Multi-mode and single-mode; ST, SC and LC connecters

Fiber Optic Cable Tester

Check fiber optic cabling before and after installation. Visible LED light source aids in tracing cable in crowded cabinets

Gender Reversers, Null Modems, and Testers

Gender Reversers

Convert a female port to a male port, or a male port to a female port. DB9 or DB25 connectors

Null Modem Adapters

RS-232 null modems are a quick and easy fix for DTE/DCE incompatibilities and TD/RD reversals.

LED Mini Tester and RS-232 Breakout Box

RS-232 LED tester and break-out box check signals, cables or ports for proper operation or problems.

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