Redefining How to “Get There from Here”

Wire replacement has emerged as the industrial communications network of choice!

Follow our easy to use selection process to pick the best wireless solution for your application.

No matter how you look at it, running cable is expensive. But, many of the wireless solutions just don’t seem to measure up to the demands of your environment. Wimpy commercial grade products fail to stand up to the exacting standards required in control and monitoring devices.

Now, wire replacement is easy with the rugged, reliable Zlinx family of wireless products designed exclusively for industry. If you are faced with challenges on how to connect all the devices in your operation, or how to connect remote sensors located miles away – then wireless is a logical choice

Reliable, on-demand communication with control and monitoring down to an individual machine level sensor is now possible.

Zlinx: The Simple Wireless Choice

It’s Simple to Make the Right Wireless Product Choice for your Application.

Zlinx Industrial Wireless products are license-free proprietary RF, available for short and long range applications.
For indoor use, Zlinx™ standard is rugged, DIN rail mount base with expandable modular configurations available.
For outdoor use, Zlinx™ Xtreme is IP67 rated and features easy, push button configuration.

Step 1: What is the distance between your devices?

Distance decides the Radio Frequency and the Antenna. All wireless signals require an unobstructed “line of sight” between the two points for clear reception. Shorter distances will use the 2.4 GHz Radios and longer distances will use the 900 MHz Radios. Frequency signals can be affected by floor noise, weather, humidity, and terrain, so be sure to give yourself a safety margin. The antenna selected will extend your range.

2.4 GHZ Radios Table

500 ft
1.4 mi
3,000 ft
1,000 ft
500 ft
4 mi
4 mi
3,000 ft
1,000 ft
8 mi
4 mi
1.4 mi
3,000 ft

Step 2: What type of connections does your application require?

Selecting the right product depends on what type of Devices you’re looking to connect.

  • Do you need to connect multiple serial devices?
    Choose one Zlinx® radio modem per device for one-to-one or one-to-many configurations.

  • Do you need wire replacement for analog and digital I/Os?
    Choose two identical Zlinx® I/O modules to wirelessly transmit analog and digital signals. Indoor versions of Zlinx® I/O are expandable with up to 6 expansion modules.

  • Do you need Modbus connectivity to remote analog/digital I/Os?
    Choose a Zlinx® radio modem to connect multiple remote wireless Zlinx® modules to a Modbus RTU master such as a PLC, SCADA or HMI. In this many-to-one configuration, all the transmitting modems send to a single address.

Indoor radios are cost effective when a cabinet is available and DIN mounting is possible. If cabinets are expensive, or when panel mount is your only option, then choose the Zlinx® Xtreme products. You can combine indoor and outdoor units with the same signal frequency.

Step 3: What accessories do you need for a successful installation?

You know the distance....you know the application....now select the right accessories.

Choosing the wrong antenna cable can cause signal loss, so try and keep your cable runs as short as possible. Depending on the location of your radios, you may also want lightening arrestors, surge protectors or DIN Rail Power Supplies.

Zlinx® Xtreme Wireless Solutions

Engineered for Brutal Conditions – outdoors or on your factory floor

IP67, Outdoor, Industrial Wireless
Some factory floor environments are tougher than the hottest summer days or frigid winter nights. If you’re considering wireless, but worry about reliability – you’ll be thrilled with the rugged durability of our new Zlinx Xtreme Wireless I/O and Radio Modems.

Easy to Install - Easy to Manage – Easy to Use
Our unique plug-and-play design allows you to instantly configure two identical I/O modules. A simple push of a button and you’re ready for wire replacement applications between a PLC/Controller and the remote I/Os. You have the flexibility to connect your serial devices and multiple types of analog/digital I/O’s for remote monitoring and control.

Tough...Tested...and Hassle Free!
No other product on the market gives you better security, better latency or better performance for the money. And they’re in-stock and READY TO SHIP TODAY!

  • IP 67 outdoor rating – Direct machine mounting with no need for cabinets or enclosures
  • Wide temperature range (-40 to 74 °C)
  • Best in class latency
  • Top of the line AES security – 2.4 GHz – 128 bit encryption; 900 MHz – 256 encryption
  • Built in USB port with free Zlinx Manager software makes complex applications a cinch
  • Modbus compatible – no additional converters required!
  • Compatible with IP30 indoor Zlinx products and software (and Maxstream radios)
  • Option of standard or high gain antennas
  • Flexible I/O configuration gives you the option of Digital I/P – PNP/NPN, Analog I/Os for 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
  • Transceivers for two-way communications provide fully acknowledged data transmission

From 40 feet to 40 miles, depending on your antenna, you now have real wireless options. From rain, sleet and snow to heat, dirt and dust – Zlinx Xtreme can take whatever you – or Mother Nature dishes out and consistently deliver rugged, reliable performance.

For more detailed information and product datasheets, please visit the B&B Electronics website http://www.bb-europe.com/